Brazil will have agricultural attaches in Peru, UK and Singapore

Peru, Singapore and the United Kingdom will gain positions of agricultural attaches with the Brazilian diplomatic representations abroad. It also changed the number of attaches seats from three to two in China and from two to one in Russia. The total of 25 Brazilian agricultural attaches abroad remaining in 23 countries, as determined by art. 4 of Decree 6.464 / 2008. 

The measures and changes in the number of positions of agricultural attaches are in the interministerial decree signed by Minister Tereza Cristina (Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) and Minister Ambassador Ernesto Araújo (Foreign Relations), published in the Official Gazette of last Thursday ( 01). 

According to the General Coordinator of Agricultural attaches of the Secretariat of Commerce and International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (SCRI / Mapa), Andressa Beig, with the inclusion of Peru, which is an importing country of agricultural products. Brazilians, the role of the new attache could further expand the relationship between Peru and Brazil, given the geographical proximity and the strengthening of bilateral relations. 

Also Singapore is a food importing country, extremely important and relevant for diversifying the agricultural export agenda. The attache, according to Andressa Beig, "may generate opportunities to establish trade negotiations seeking the entry of Brazilian products." Singapore is considered as a global shopping center and is even home to large Brazilian companies in the agribusiness sector. 

The attache in the United Kingdom may accompany the agendas of international organizations based in that region that represent agricultural products relevant to the Brazilian economy, such as the International Coffee Organization (ICO), which brings together the world's largest producers and consumers of this product; the International Sugar Organization (OIA), which represents 87 producing and consuming countries and aims to improve world market conditions for this product; and the International Grains Council (IGC), an intergovernmental organization that aims to expand international cooperation in the field. grain trade. 

Mapa and MRE regulations establish a selection committee that will coordinate the process of selecting candidates for the agricultural attache post with Brazilian diplomatic representatives abroad.The committee is made up of representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture, including members of SCRI, the Secretariat of Agricultural Defense, and the Executive Secretariat. 

The commission will coordinate the process of selecting candidates to make up the Triple List, which will be submitted to Minister Tereza Cristina for the post of agricultural attache with the Brazilian diplomatic representations abroad. 

Next week, the announcement will open with the calendar of the selection process open to the servers of the Ministry of Agriculture to the board of access to the agricultural attache post. 

Post: Marina Carvejani 
Author: DATAGRO