Global meat prices rise by 6th month

The global meat price index rose for the sixth consecutive month, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). In this sense, CarneTec Brasil indicated that the increase was 0.6% in July, compared to June, and was 10% above that registered in January this year and, despite the increase, the index is 17% below its peak registered August 2014

“Beef prices rose in July, driven by strong demand from Asia against a backdrop of declining supply from Oceania. Already pork prices fell slightly after four months of continuous increases, reflecting greater supply from Brazil and the United States, ”said the specialized portal CarneTec Brazil.

In addition, poultrymeat prices can be said to remain firm at June levels, with stable but still high demand in most markets. "The robust demand for beef imports from Asia has also contributed to further increases in beef prices," FAO said in its latest statement to the world.

“Meat is one of five commodity groups considered by the FAO to calculate its global food price index, which fell 1.1 percent in July from June but rose 2.3 percent from July last year. . Declines in cereal, dairy and sugar prices more than offset the observed increases in meat and oil prices, resulting in the fall in the global food index in July, ”CaneTec concluded in a statement posted on its official website.

Post: Marina Carvejani
Author: Leonardo Gottems 
Source: Agrolink