MERCOSUR-EU agreement will increase demands on brazilian livestock

The Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA) launched the Livestock Executive Committee last Wednesday (07), in Brasilia. The group will be formed by the entity, state federations and ranchers to strengthen the relationship and discuss strategies for the development of livestock. 

The president of the ANC, João Martins, stressed that the agreement Mercosur-European Union will create a new parameter for Brazilian livestock. “The demands will multiply a few dozen times and, more than ever, we need to be available to ranchers to help them prepare for this new moment in the international market,” said João Martins at the opening of the event. 

According to the president of CNA's National Beef Cattle Breeding Commission, Antonio Pitangui de Salvo, the Committee intends to promote an interaction with ranchers to raise the main claims of the chain. “We know that one of the things where we are most competitive is beef. We need to be together to stand up to our international competitors so we can keep winning and keep having the best, richest and healthiest meat in the world, ”he said. 

The meeting also featured lectures on actions taken by CNA for beef cattle, given by CNA technical superintendent Bruno Lucchi, CNA Institute president Roberto Brant, and CNA International Relations coordinator Camila Sande. 

The Innovation coordinator of the National Rural Learning Service (Senar), Matheus Ferreira, presented the initiatives of the entity focused on beef cattle, focusing on Technical and Managerial Assistance (ATeG) and the Center of Excellence in Beef Cattle. Another highlight was an exhibition about the current political scenario and the impacts on beef cattle, with Alcides Torres of Scott Consultoria. 

Also present at the event were the 1st vice-president of the CNA, Roberto Simões, the president of the Pernambuco Agriculture Federation (Faepe), Pio Guerra, the president of the Bahia State Agriculture and Livestock Federation (Faeb), Humberto Miranda, the president of the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of Mato Grosso do Sul (Famasul), Mauricio Saito, and the general director of Senar, Daniel Carrara. 

Approval - The ranchers who participated in the launch of the Livestock Executive Committee highlighted the importance of the initiative. For them, the group will unify the demands of the sector and favor the growth of the segment. 

"The CNA, being a national body, will be able to bring together ranchers to think about how they can interfere with Brazilian policy to have better international trade, to add value to their product and to the environmental asset, which is a wealth within the properties," he said. Caio Penido, from Roncador Agriculture, from Mato Grosso. 

For the farmer Cristiano Soares, from AgroSB, the Committee will show the sustainability of the sector.“Today Brazilian livestock is the most sustainable in the world. We have immense biodiversity and crop-livestock integration that no one can do. ” 

Post: Marina Carvejani 
Author: DATAGRO