Trump says tariff increase on chinese products will be postponed

Posted by Marina
US President Donald Trump tweeted that the United States agreed to postpone tariff increases on Chinese products, according to "Brazil Agency."

He said the increase will be postponed from October 1 to October 15. Tariffs on $ 250 billion in products imported from China were set to rise from 25% to 30%.

Trump said the postponement was requested by Chinese Vice Premier Liu He as the People's Republic of China will celebrate its 70th anniversary. Japanese businessmen, on an annual visit to China, expressed to Prime Minister Li Keqiang a desire for Beijing to settle the trade dispute with Washington.

On Wednesday, a group of representatives from the Japan-China Economic Association met with Li. Chaired by Shoji Muneoka, the organization hopes that the world's two largest economies will resolve the conflict.

The Chinese Premier replied that China will talk to the United States to try to find a solution. The Japanese and Chinese representatives of the association talked about the interest of closer ties between the two Asian nations.

The president of the business entity said that Japan and China will work together in new fields. "We hope to be able to move forward with the attitude of mutual cooperation." The group of businessmen and Prime Minister Li Keqiang also stressed the importance of free trade for the growth of the global economy.