Good corn exports pace in first week of september

Posted by Marina

According to the Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex), Brazil exported, on average, 409.36 thousand tons of corn grain per day in the first week of September.

Daily volume increased 17.8% from the August average this year and grew 131.4% compared to September last year.

Considering the 21 working days of this month, if this pace continues, the country should export 8.60 million tons of corn, which would be the largest monthly volume ever exported. For a comparison, so far, the highest volume was recorded in August this year, when the country exported 7.65 million tons of grain in the month.

Heated exports are a factor in sustaining domestic cereal prices in the short and medium term.

Attention to the exchange rate, the US crop and international corn prices.

Source: Scot Consulting