Brics: Agriculture Minister defines interconnection of global food markets

Posted by Marina
The minister Tereza Cristina (Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) received on Tuesday (24), in Sao Paulo, the agriculture ministers of the countries that make up the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). At a dinner at the Federation of Industries of São Paulo (Fiesp), the minister and the president of the entity, Paulo Skaf, received about 50 guests.

In welcoming the ministers, Tereza Cristina said that the BRICS countries have made good use of the complementarity of their economies, especially in the agricultural sector, to the benefit of our societies.

“The liberalization of agricultural trade and the interconnection of global food markets play a key role in food and nutrition security policies, expanding and diversifying the supply of products, taking into account the well-being of society as a whole, including consumers. especially the poorest. ”

She also stressed that there is plenty of room for long-term strategic partnerships with reciprocal gains. "In this sense, the fraternal relationship we knew how to build is undoubtedly a great guarantor."

Regarding Brazil, she recalled that the increased productivity in the field, with successive crop records, sustainably originates products offered to more than 200 markets. “We contribute and will continue to contribute to the food and nutrition security of the planet by providing quality food at fair prices to over one billion people a day. Many of these, of course, reside in our Brics partners, who stand as strategic allies for mutual benefit, ”he said.

The minister also noted that the five countries of Brics represent 42% of the population and 23% of world GDP. “We occupy 26% of the planet's surface, own 29% of its freshwater and handle almost 20% of global trade,” he said.

Delegations from the other four countries also greeted the meeting, highlighting the importance of agriculture to the world, and of the Brics countries being united. Entrepreneurs from various agribusiness sectors highlighted the sustainability and quality of Brazilian agricultural products.

The ministers will be meeting on 25 and 26 September in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul for the 9th Meeting of Brics Ministers of Agriculture. The meeting will focus on technological innovation in agriculture in the context of increasing world population and demand for food. Ministers will discuss issues related to food security and environmental sustainability at regional and global levels.