Pig prices rise pushed by China

Pork and pork prices in Brazil eventually increased due to rising demand from China for this type of product. This is what informed CaneTec Brasil, based on data released by the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (Cepea).

"The intensification of purchases of new batches of slaughter animals by large integrating agro-industries, due to the expectation of increased protein exports to China, boosted live pig prices in the independent market," Cepea said in a statement.

That's because cases of African swine fever in China continue to decimate the Asian flock, boosting Chinese demand for imported meat. "The situation is not expected to normalize, which keeps the international pork market warm, as the Asian country has been buying large volumes of pork abroad," said Cepea.

“At the beginning of the month, China authorized 25 more Brazilian meatpackers to export meat to the country, but only one of them is pork. Pork in the independent market is being traded at one of the highest levels of the year, behind June and July, when Brazil accelerated meat exports, according to Cepea, ”said CarneTec.

The indicator of live pig Cepea / Esalq rose more than 5% in the month, until Wednesday (25), in the main squares of the country, with emphasis on the animal placed in São Paulo, which had a high of 11.7%, R $ 4.86 / kg, and in Minas Gerais, where the increase was 11.1%, to R $ 4.99 / kg. The wholesale pork carcass of Greater São Paulo rose 16.03% in the month, to $ 7.31 / kg.

Author: Leonardo Gottens
Source: Agrolink